Thursday, October 8, 2015

Artist Statement

I'm interested in expressing the feelings and emotions associated with life-altering change. I define my intention through meditation, research, and journaling. Meditation has provided me with the ability to feel the impact of my mark making. If something is in need off alteration, I sense it in varying degrees of emotional discord. I allow my emotions to guide my and hand and calm that which visually offends. When I achieve aesthetic harmony, my rational mind views my work as if for the first time. The complexity and power of meditative decision making can be amazing.

In making my encaustic paintings, I apply molten beeswax-based paint to 1 1/4" thick wooden panels. I allow my paint to drip from the edges resulting in an organic undulating edge. The sides of my panels reveal the evolution of my paintings in a stratum of color. While the art of encaustic painting offers a multitude of fascinating techniques, I have come to prefer the simple elegance of wax caressed by flame. I work with five types of blowtorches, each tipped with a unique quality of flame. My torches allow me to persuade paint to move and take form or blend like cream swirling in black coffee until the cooling wax captures that moment in time. 

For questions and purchase inquiries, please contact kevinpiepelart@gmail.com